Your Customers Are Your 
Best Sales People

Get up to 25% more revenue from referrals.
Pay for sales not clicks.

Get On The Gravy Train

How Does It Work?

1. A customer buys and receives an offer via e-mail or pop-up to share with friends.
2. When a friend buys, they get a discount, and the customer gets cash back.
3. Customers can view earnings, leave reviews and share products on Facebook & Instagram.


Track Referrals

See the number of referral customers, revenue and discounts.

E-mail Your Customers

E-mail customers, generate referrals and recover abandoned shopping carts.

Collect Product Reviews

Build trust and social proof by sharing product feedback.

Create Referral Pop-ups

Display pop-ups after purchases to encourage word-of-mouth.

Pay Your Referrals

Pay your referrals using PayPal, store credit or coupons.